Replacement USB Mouse Options For Mac

Apple Branded USB Mice
Direct from the Apple authorized reseller - but often at a slightly lower price than direct from the Apple Store - here is Amazon's selection of
Apple Mouse Products worth browsing through. Look for USB mouse deals with free super-saver shipping - or competitive pricing from their 3rd-party sellers.

Original Mighty-Mouse

Scrolling Trackball

Original Mac Pro Mouse

Shell Clicker USB Model

Latest Magic-Mouse

Touch Sensitive Technology

USB Wireless Mouse

Two Button Mouse w/Scroll Wheel

3rd-Party USB Mice

From dirt-cheap to elegant multi-button programmable mice, here's affordable choices for a Basic USB mouse for less than you might think.

USB 2-Button Mouse

Logitech Quality

USB Elite Ergo Mouse


Sometimes less is more - and a basic 2-button optical mouse with scroll-wheel is an ideal budget choice and right and left button and scroll speed easily supported by Mac OSX in System Preferences pane. Unlike the challenges of finding a truly Mac compatible keyboard - Universal Serial Bus mice are rather generic - and as long as you don't go after those with unnecessary extra-buttons and feature-overkill, a 2 button style optical or laser Universal Serial Bus mouse will fit the bill.

Mac Laptop Travel Mouse Choices

For MacBook and iBook Road-Warriors on the go - many opt for smaller, lightweight and compact mice that easily tuck into their MacBook's laptop carry case. Some feature rather short or smart retractable USB cables to minimize the likelihood of tangle.

Mini Notebook Mice

Belkin Travel Mice

Kensington Travel Mouse

Kensington ProFit

Alternative Input Peripherals For Mac

Personal preference and comfort drive a lot of the input device market. Mouse alternatives can be more ergonomic and comfortable to use, allow greater pointing or scrolling or pressure sensitivity. Some Apple users choose a different mouses or pointing device to relieve Carpal-Tunnel or repetitive strain disorders from the daily use of computer technology. A wide range of Mac compatible USB peripherals exist to address these needs.

The Mouse System Preferences pane in Mac OSX supports 2 button and scroll-wheel functions nicely. However if you opt for a multi-button input device (with 4 or more buttons) - it's important the vendor provide Macintosh specific drivers for OS X. Stay current with drivers from the support areas of vendor sites from Logitech, Kensington, MacAlly, Targus, etc. They'll allow you to assign keyboard shortcuts and Mac function key options - and properly interpret them.

OSX Mouse Software Control Utilities

Need more precision control over your mouse, trackpad or tablet? Several top-notch pointing utilities help give you programmable button and behavior control. Check out MagicPrefs for Apple's touch-sensitive MagicMouse, or USB Overdrive to take full advantage of any USB mouse, trackball, joystick or gamepad on your Mac.